Test 101

Bandwidth Test

What is a bandwidth test and why would it be important? Bandwidth is actually space and a bandwidth test basically measures the relationship between space and speed of electronic information. Essentially, a person or company may want to perform a bandwidth test to be sure that they are receiving information at the optimum speed for the space they have available on their computer modem.

In this day and age, people want as much information as they can possibly get and they want it as quick as they can possibly get it. This accounts for the increase in high-speed internet connections, broadband, and DSL subscriptions. Nearly everyone who’s anyone is jumping on the broad “band” wagon. To be without a high speed internet connection, is to be without information and time.

A bandwidth test may be conducted by a company to assure that their network settings and mainframes are all performing optimally. After all, time is money. An individual might perform a bandwidth test of their own computer for any number of reasons, not least of all, value for their money. High speed internet service providers may also periodically conduct a bandwidth test to ensure that your modem is communicating at an optimal level with their computers.

The relationship between the available space and the rate of receiving information could simply be related to a drinking straw, a milkshake, and water. If the same sucking force is behind the straw, a milkshake will flow slower from point A to point B than the water. However, if the sucking force behind the straw were to increase 10 fold, the milkshake would flow faster. This is a crude example, but not unlike how bits of electronic information travel.

There are several websites available for individuals to conduct a bandwidth test. They can be found by simply searching the term “bandwidth test”.

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