Test 101

Gay Test

Maybe you’ve seen a gay test or a quiz that is supposed to help determine if someone is gay. Maybe you’ve taken a gay test, asked a friend to or even taken a gay test pretending to be someone else. Though many people have seen or heard of a gay test, and it’s true there are some indicators that might tip off an individual’s sexual preference, there is no real gay test that can accurately determine a person’s sexual orientation.

There are several scenarios where an individual might wish there were a genuine gay test to administer to people. Most often, heterosexual women want to know if a man they are interested in is also heterosexual or if they are gay. Many people feel that they have an innate ability to discern a person’s sexual orientation just by looking at them or being around them. This is commonly referred to as “gaydar”.

Particularly perceptive individuals may in fact be more apt to identify a gay man from a straight man, but in many cases, there is simply no way of knowing – especially if the other person doesn’t want you to know. In many cases, it may not even matter.

In the event that you are woman with a questionable male interest, you can’t rely on stereotypes or a gay test to determine if the man you are interested in is gay or not. If he is particularly tasteful with his decorating, very well groomed and dressed, engages easily in conversation, and is unusually sensitive to other people’s feelings, then you may be wondering. Since there is no real gay test, it may not hurt to ask his sexual preference if you are interested, but in the long run, pass or fail, you’ve either just met your new best friend or the perfect man. Neither of which is a particularly bad thing!

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