Test 101

Love Tests

Women are no strangers to love tests, compatibility quizzes, and relationship questionnaires. Love tests and the like are printed in national, glossy women’s magazines every year. From love tests that supposedly measure how in love a couple actually is to love tests that determine if a person’s love interest is suitable for their personality, these love tests compel people of all backgrounds to check those boxes and circle those letters to learn how their own personal relationships measure up.

Even internet dating sites administer love tests based on personality traits that will reportedly match individuals with their ideal companion. Exactly what these love tests are based on and how much stock users can put in them are debatable, but there is no shortage of love tests for the curiously smitten.

The majority of love tests and relationship quizzes are based on the psychological and emotional cornerstones of individuals. There has been extensive research conducted on the types of personalities that both meld and conflict with each other. For instance, people hungry for emotion and display of affection are not compatible with an introverted person who does not show emotion or has a hardened personality. To some degree, there is truth to much of what some of these tests are based on, but matters of the heart can never be absolute.

Some love tests are based on horoscopes and astrological compatibility. While some believe this is the best route to take to find their soul mate, others take no stock in the stars when it comes to a serious relationship.

Whatever you believe, personality and love tests are a quizzical amusement at the very least. If your scores don’t equate to what you feel is the perfect relationship though, be assured that there is definitely a grading curve in this subject.

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