Test 101

Math Test

Math is a subject that is built upon from an understanding of basic facts. Preparing for a math test successfully requires an understanding of basic math facts. When helping your child prepare for a math test, study the concepts associated with it and review the facts that are necessary to understand the concepts being tested.

For a timed math test, kids are generally presented with a mixture of basic math facts. The only way to prepare for a timed math test is to study the addition, subtraction, multiplication or division facts. For many kids, it is simply a matter of memorizing the facts.

If your child is faced with a mid-term or final math test, they should ask the teacher for a study guide. The study guide should outline the concepts that have been covered in class and will be on the math test. Review the general process for each concept with your child to be sure they have a solid understanding of the concept.

For at least a period of one week before the math test, have your child study with you 20 minutes each day. Try to find practical, real-life examples of how the math concepts they are reviewing can be used. For example, if they are studying percentages, make up situations such as figuring the price of a retail item at a certain percentage discount. If they are studying finding area and perimeter for example, have them figure the area and perimeter of their bedroom or another room in the house. Kids learn better when they can understand how the concepts they are learning apply to life, not just how to calculate a problem.

It is important to help teach children how to prepare for tests, especially in subjects where they may be struggling. Tests count as a higher percentage of their total grade than other homework assignments. If you help them learn how to study early in their academic career, less involvement will be required of you later and they will learn a skill that carries them all the way through life.

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