Test 101

Test Anxiety

Some people simply do not perform well under pressure. Test anxiety is an example of a real reaction some people have to pressure. Test anxiety is common in people of all ages and is intensified with the importance of the test. For example, a teenager taking their driving test may quickly feel test anxiety. It is simply nervousness compounded by the worry of possible failure.

If you suffer from test anxiety each time you are presented with a test, there are several ways to avoid it or at least alleviate the anxiety. The best way to help alleviate test anxiety is to be prepared for the test. If it requires studying material, learn to study efficiently and make the most of your study time. If the test requires a practical ability such as parallel parking or administering CPR, then practice several dry runs of the exact ability you are to demonstrate.

Take pressure off of yourself by identifying both the best and worst case scenario. Once you’ve identified what will happen if you fail the test, you can prepare yourself with a plan if that happens. This alleviates the fear of the unknown and allows you to focus on the best case scenario – passing. Imagine yourself being successful and breezing through the test for days before you take it and put the power of positive thought to work for you.

Be sure to be well rested before taking the test so your mind and body are at their peak performance. While taking the test, try to concentrate only on the task at hand. Try relaxation and breathing techniques if you feel anxiety creeping in. Breathing deeply by inhaling through the nose and exhaling through the mouth is the proper way to relax through breathing. Rest assured that by preparing yourself both physically and mentally and concentrating on the task at hand by relaxing, you will be able to alleviate the majority of your test anxiety and may find you can outperform even your wildest expectations of yourself.

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